Rules of the Tournament


General Rules

  • All Teams will play Sunday June 28

  • Varsity Division will consist of 2021's & later and be 12v12

    • This division will use regular US Lacrosse Rules/NFHS Rules

  • JV Division will consist of 2022's & later and be 12v12

    • This division will use regular US Lacrosse Rules/NFHS Rules

  • Modified Division will consist of 2024's & 2025's and be 12v12

    • This division will play USL U-14 Rules

  • 5/6 Division will consist of 2026's & 2027's and be 12v12

    • This division will play USL U-12 Rules

  • 3/4 Division will consist of 2028's & 2029's and be 8v8

    • This Division will play USL U-10 Rules

Playing Rules

  • US Lacrosse Women’s Rules will be used

  • Each team is guaranteed (weather permitting) 3 games consisting of two, 20-minute running halves

  • Top team from each pool within a division play a 4th game (Championship)

  • Substitutions will be according to US Lacrosse rules

  • Self-start will occur in all divisions except 3/4

  • 20-minute running halves

  • 5-minute halftime

  • No Timeouts

  • During an injury timeout the clock runs

    • Any team that is identified as abusing this rule in the attempt to the secure the win will forfeit and will not be invited back to this tournament

  • It is the referees' discretion to determine the safety and suitability of player equipment, including braces, casts, etc.

  • Mouth guards and eye protection are mandatory for all players.

  • No jewelry of any kind is allowed during play.

  • Teams must be ready to play at the end of the prior game.

    • Referees have the authority to give the team who is not in position to start play with the starting horn the loss for the game.

  • Referees have the authority to start or end a half early to keep the games on schedule.

  • Eight-meter fouls whistled at half or the end of the game will be played out.

  • 3/4 divisions will be required to have 2 attempted passes before a shot is allowed and least 1 pass being on the offensive end of the field

  • Points to determine top two teams are 2pts for a win, 1pt for a tie, 0 for loss

  • A tie will be left as such except in a championship game


  • Top team in each pool within their division will play for the Championship

  • If both teams are ready before the scheduled time for the game, they may start at the official’s discretion and time will be kept by scorer table

  • Two 20-minute running time Halves

  • 5 min half time

  • Each team can get ONE 1-minute time out during the game (clock will stop during this time)

  • If there is a tie in the championship then 6 min sudden victory will occur.

  • If there is a tie in points to determine seeds in any pool, to determine the top teams will go as follows:

    • Head-to-Head

    • Goals Against

    • Average Differential

    • Goals For

Coaches’ Conduct/Responsibility

  • Club Coaches are responsible for the conduct of their players, assistant coaches, team representatives and parents/supporters.

  • The Star Spangled expects maturity and professional behavior from all participants.

  • Derogatory remarks, profanity and/or disruptive behavior results in the individual(s) to be asked to leave the event.

  • Coaches are expected to stay on their sideline.



Yellow/Red Cards

  • Players receiving a yellow card are suspended for 2 minutes.  The Field Marshal will keep this time.

  • During the two minutes, the respective team is down two minutes.  

  • A player receiving two yellow cards in a single game cannot return to the game.  

  • A player receiving a red card must sit the remainder of the game AND the next game.

  • A coach receiving two yellow cards in a single game needs to leave the sideline/field.  

  • A player or coach ejected by the referee is not permitted to play in the next game and based on the determination of the referee(s) and/or Tournament Directors can be asked to leave the event.


  • Score Keepers will keep score at every game.

  • At the conclusion of the game, the head coaches from both teams are to sign the score card at the Score Keeper table confirming the score.


  • Disputes of any nature are settled by the Tournament Director and are final.



  • The Star Spangled offers no refunds, even in the case of acts of God, rain, heat index, severe wind and/or thunder and lightning delays.